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Fall Ball 2020

Fall Ball 2020

by Admin posted 08/13/2020
Calendar Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our Calendar Raffle Winners!!!

August 1 - Christine Secondo (sold by Tyler Neal)
August 2 - Melanie Boutin (sold by Christopher Almeida)
August 3 - MaryLou Bonfitto (sold by Julia Bonfitto)
August 4 - Laura White (sold by Jaiden White)
August 5 - Keith LaCross (sold by Sara LaCross)
August 6 - Scott Dean (sold by Eric Dean)
August 7 - Mary Kukla (sold by Wilson Grzelak)
August 8 - Matthew Medeiros (sold by Kayleigh Medeiros) 
August 9 - Dave Madsen (sold by Jack Madsen) 
August 10 - Laurene Bertera (sold by Addison Davenport) 
August 11 - Lisa Csekovsky (sold by Logan Csekovsky) 
August 12 - Mary Hansen (sold by Declan Burke) 
August 13 - Sandy Matyseck (sold by Dustin Piper) 
August 14 - Laurie Savaria (sold by Devon Savaria)
August 15 - Lucas Morganelli (sold by Lucas Morganelli)
August 16 - Nancy Grzelak (sold by Joel Grzelak) 
August 17 - Frank Neffinger (sold by Ryder McGuire) 
August 18 - Brandy Latshaw (sold by Cole Latshaw) 
August 19 - Ann Marie Connor (sold by Katelyn Connor) 
August 20 - Niemiec (sold by Ella Niemiec) 
August 21 - Darryl Seaha (sold by Morgan Gagnon)

Prizes will be mailed out.

by Admin posted 08/12/2020
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